Saturday, August 13, 2005

Tradewinds Home

After my plans for working on Tradewinds during the winter were thwarted by Pier 1000's new policy of no after-hours access, delaying my work on her and forcing me to incur yard expenses, I decided that the best plan would be to transport her to our home where I could work on her whenever I had time - whether that be the weekend or midnight. So, last week I finally heard back from a boat transporter I'd called months ago and arranged for her to be moved on Monday, Aug. 8.
I had debated unstepping the mast myself but decided that it would probably be cheaper (and easier) to have the marina do it, which they did Monday morning.
Tom Wood, of T&W Transport, arrived around one o'clock, loaded Tradewinds onto his trailer, and followed me home. He had to do a bit of manuevering to position the boat where she needed to be, but with a few slick moves he had her resting next to the house.
Now that she's here, work will begin in earnest and she will be ready for sale by next spring.
First project will be to clean her out.

Here are a few low-res pictures of Tradewinds taken on Monday.