Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sta-Lok Fittings For Sale

I acquired a lot of new Sta-Lok fittings, many of which I used for re-rigging Ariel, our Cape Dory 36. I'll be keeping a few others for re-rigging the Alberg 30, when the time comes. Here's a list of what I have available. Feel free to make an offer on the lot or on a partial lot.

5/32" wire:

6 qty - Terminal Studs with 5/16" threads - $20.00/each  (Retail: $28.00/each)

9/32" wire:
This is the collection of 9/32" fittings, worth over $1500 in fittings. Buy the whole lot of 9/32" fittings for $750 + Shipping.

12 qty - Fork with 7/16" pin - 45.00/each  (Retail: $67.00/each)
6 qty - Eye with 1/2" pin hole - 35.00/each  (Retail: $44.00/each)
8 qty - Terminal Stud w/ 1/2" thread - $45.00/each  (Retail: $53.00/each)

5/16" wire:

12 qty - Fork with 1/2" pin - $64.00/each  (Retail: $80.00/each)
7 qty - Eye with 5/8" pin hole - $45.00/each  (Retail: $66.00/each)
10 qty - Terminal Stud w/ 1/2" thread - 50.00/each  (Retail: $62.00)

3/8" wire: (CD36 Bobstay, by the way)

14 qty - Fork with 5/8" pin - $76.00/each  (Retail: $100.00)
2 qty - Eye with 5/8" pin hole - $67.00/each  (Retail: $81.00)
8 qty - Terminal Stud w/ 5/8" thread - $70.00  (Retail: $89.00)

And just in case you have 7/16" rigging :):

7/16" wire Eye with with 3/4" pin hole - $100.00  (Retail: $200.00)


Chip Dance said...

David, do you still have these fittings for sale? I'm a long was off from working on rigging, but eventually I'll need to replace some and I'm trying to pick things up when I come across deals. Problem is, I haven't even looked into what size fittings I'll need. If you still have them, let me know. I'll do some research and figure out what I need and how much I'm willing to pay.

Ariel | CD 36 said...

Hi, Chip. Yes, I do - all of them. Jason, of S/V Salacia, has expressed an interest in some of the 9/32", but he's not sure which ones he needs. I'll honor his contact and give him first right of refusal. I suspect I have enough to go around, however. Let me know.